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100L Jacketed 4″ 4 Plate Stainless Steel Complete Still

100L Jacketed 4″ 4 Plate Stainless Steel Complete Still! Brought to you by Ketelkraal!

100L Jacketed 4" 4 Plate Stainless Steel Complete Still

The 100L Jacketed 4″ 4 Plate Stainless Steel Complete Still, a large-capacity distillation apparatus designed for the production of high-purity spirits. Typically used in commercial distilleries but also found in some high-end home distilling setups.

The still consists of several key components:

  • A 100 liter jacketed boiler: The jacketed design means that there is a double wall around the boiler. This allows for the circulation of coolant or steam between the walls, which can be used to precisely control the temperature of the boiler contents.
  • A 4-inch diameter column: The diameter of the column refers to the width of the passage through which the vapors travel. A wider column can accommodate a higher volume of vapor, which can improve the efficiency of the distillation process.
  • Four bubble plates: Bubble plates are perforated trays that are inserted into the column. As the vapors rise up the column, they pass through the bubble plates and interact with the condensate that is collecting on them. This interaction helps to purify the vapors by separating out heavier components.
  • A condenser: The condenser is where the vapors from the column are cooled and converted back into liquid. In a jacketed still, the coolant that circulates around the boiler can also be used to cool the condenser.

The 100L Jacketed 4″ 4 Plate Stainless Steel Complete Stills from Ketelkraal are complex pieces of equipment, and their operation requires a good understanding of the distillation process.

100L Boiler (Jacketed)

4″ 4 x S/S T-sections with site glass

4″ 4 x Copper Bubble Plate

External Gin basket
4″ Copper Helmut

6″ S/S End Cap for boiler (Manhole) – Glass union optional. (Contact for Price)

Drainage Valve

All reducers

All Tri-clamps and gaskets

Legs for boiler


4″ Dephragmeter

Parrot with valve

S/S Elbows

As well as check this out!

Stills by Ketelkraal!

Kentucky Copper Pot Stillsreflux column

To summarize you set up your own distillery with Alembic and Kentucky Copper Pot Moonshine Stills. In essence we manufacture top-quality Stills for you here at Ketelkraal. As well as import Alembic Copper Pot Stills at your request.

Your Still will be the conversation starter at any braai. We provide many different sizes that will suit all your needs. Big and small. Because at Ketelkraal we think of everything.

Moonshine is known by many nicknames in English, including mountain dew, choop, hooch, homebrew, shiney, white lightning, white liquor, white whiskey, mash liquor and as you can see the list goes on… Go on, don’t hesitate set up your Still!

Ketelkraal – know you are in good hands. Because we know what we are doing!

We provide you with your distilling equipment and distilling supplies for the perfect home distilleries. Such as instruments, vessels, and other components. For things like to separate alcohol from other components. As well as the equipment used to measure and control the process, such as thermometers, hydrometers, and pumps. We understand what it takes and what you need for your distilling process. Because Ketelkraal never fails to think of everything for your success.

We know you can’t go without it!

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100L Jacketed 4″ 4 Plate Stainless Steel Complete Still