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300L Stainless Steel Boiler

300L SS Boiler

300L Stainless Steel Boiler

A 300L SS boiler is a large vessel designed for the distillation of liquids, typically used in the production of spirits such as whiskey or vodka. The stainless steel construction ensures durability and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for use in commercial distilling operations. The 300L capacity allows for a significant volume of liquid to be distilled at once, making it suitable for large-scale production. The boiler may feature additional components such as a heating element, thermometer, and port for attaching a condenser or column for distillation.

300L Stainless Steel Boiler. Ideal for all your distilling needs.

Distilling Equipment

We provide you with your distilling equipment and distilling supplies for the perfect home distilleries. Such as instruments, vessels, and other components. For things like to separate alcohol from other components. As well as the equipment used to measure and control the process, such as thermometers, hydrometers, and pumps. We understand what it takes and what you need for your distilling process. Because Ketelkraal never fails to think of everything for your success.

Distilling Equipment

brewing and distilling

We know you can’t go without it! Contact us for any information on our distilling equipment.

To sum it up here are a few things you can expect in this category.

Stills: We manufacture Kentucky Copper Pot Still, Reflux Column Still and Custom Hybrid Pot Stills.

copper pot stills

Boiler Mash Tuns: Stainless Steel Boiler and Mash Tuns for making top quality spirits.

Components and Spares: providing you with all the other equipment you need.

Spares and components. Distilling supplies

Consumables: Including but not limiting to items such as Activated Carbon to remove those impurities in distillate we surely do not need. Bentonite, It’s great for removing protein haze and can be used to remove off aromas. It is a unique clarifier. Alpha Amylase, Convert your starch into sugar. As seen above these are only a few of the many Consumables we provide.

Alpha Amylase

All in all we provide the best for our fellow distillers. Wanting more information do not hesitate to contact us now!

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300L SS Boiler!

Perfect Home Distilleries!

Distillery Equipment For Sale!

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