Distillers yeast / Yeast for spirits

We stock different types of yeast for spirits and beer. Our yeast caters to the distillers and the brewers market. We sell only the best yeast available, and you will love it too because it, works so well.

Distillers yeast

Lallemand who is the manufacturer of Distilamax is one of the leaders in the industry. The yeast also shows excellent tolerance to high fermentation temperatures because they are so well developed. For our range of Distilamax products, please visit our page here Distilamax

We also stock an excellent Hybrid Yeast that showed outstanding results in the past. It is the Blue Label Hybrid range, and it is incredible. This yeast is newly developed and will most definitely impress you.

Distillers yeast

We also stock nutrients for spirits and beer, and you are going to need them. The quality is excellent, and it will never let you down. The Nutrient is a perfect all-rounder. Please visit the page here Nutrient.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our products or would like to get more information. Contact page here contact us

Distillers yeast

Also please send us all you success Distilling experiences or recipes and we would gladly share with our other distilling friends.

In case you would like to get recipes, feel free to browse our recipes page for more info. If you need something more specific we will most certainly try and find a recipe that will work for you.

You are also welcome to visit Distilax website for more info. Find a link here.


yeast for spirits

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