Essential Oil Pot Stills

Distill your own essential oils with a Essential Oil Pot Stills

We manufacture top-quality stills here at Ketelkraal.

Because we import the alembic-stills and manufacture the Kentucky Moonshine Stills . Both fall under Copper pot stills.

With these stills, you can make very good quality spirits that can compete with any other spirit out there.

This is any distiller’s pride and joy. This piece is the conversation starter at any social gathering. We offer many different sizes that will suit all your needs

Essential Oil Pot Stills

Please contact us for any questions or just want to say hi. We also offer many different training workshops from the total beginner to the advanced distiller. So,  if you are in the market for a still or want to start a journey in Distilling, welcome, this is the right place.

Cheers until we meet.

Essential Oil Pot Stills

The qualities of copper allows for better control and stability. And improves the outcome of the final distillation of alcohol in terms of flavor. However. Copper tarnishes quickly. And is harder to clean.

Copper also naturally reduces bacterial contamination. (which is why it is also used for water pipes) And absorbs the sulfur produced during fermentation.

Essential Oil Pot Stills

Copper has been used to make stills since ancient times, and as successive generations have found, it remains the best option thanks to its unique properties and natural advantages in the distilling process. For superior results when distilling alcohol, use copper.

For a lower cost, more durable and easy to clean alternative use stainless steel. You can add copper mesh to a stainless steel column to remove the sulfates.

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