Gas Equipment

In brief gas equipment is equipment used to handle, store, and distribute gas. In essence this could include natural gas, propane, methane, compressed air, and other gases. Notably gas equipment may consist of storage tanks, pumps, meters, regulators, valves, filtration systems, and other components. However safety is a critical factor in the design and operation of gas equipment.

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Bull Nose Regulator

In short a Bull Nose Regulator a type of pressure regulator used in a natural gas distribution system. Thus designed to maintain a constant pressure of natural gas as it is delivered to customers along a gas pipeline. Subsequently the Bull Nose Regulator typically consists of an inlet, outlet, pressure gauge, and a valve body. The regulator allows for precise control of the gas pressure while providing adequate venting of any excess gas that may occur during normal operation. This type of regulator used in many homes and businesses in order to ensure a safe and efficient gas supply.

LPG High Pressure Regulator

Inlet Pressure 800 kPa (max)

Outlet Pressure 180 kPa (max)

Capacity: 6 kg/h

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Bull Nose Regulator

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