Barrels are our passion.  Oak is known as the premium vessel for ageing Wines, Brandies and Whiskies. For your benefit we offer a size range so you should find the size you are looking for.

You can rest easy knowing that we have a world renowned fourth generation Master Cooper making your hand crafted ageing barrel.  In so doing we know you will be back for more.  Because we can be relied on to deliver beautiful barrels manufactured to your needs.

You could be the guy or gal in favor by giving Oak Barrels as gifts to enthusiasts. You can choose between copper, galvanized, and mild steel hoops thereby offering you a variety you will appreciate. Just keep us in the “hoop”.

We make these French Oak Barrel Chips for you because we know you want to age small alcohol volumes too. You are offered an array of ways to go about your barrel craft giving you all options we can. You have brilliant flavor resulting in an all round pleasant experience.   Because of these lovely chips and your excellent craftmanship you will enjoy your product all the more..  You will enjoy a Light, Medium and Dark Roast to your preferred taste.  Enjoy. We love our results and know you will too!

Fill your barrel with hot water (not boiling).  Then cork it and submerge the entire barrel in the same temperature water.  Your barrel will swell – rendering it ready for aging.  Go ahead, age your Spirits just the way you like.