Oak Barrel Furniture
Oak Barrel Furniture



We South African’s spend a lot of time in home bars and around the braai.   As a result, you can own incredible Oak Barrel Furniture that will be the envy of all who see it.

Wooden Barrels were created around 300 BC.  That means you can own furniture with historical nature.  Your piece of Oak Furniture could come from a famous wine, whiskey, bourbon, rum, tequila (Corazón), gin, vodka and cognac house across the globe delivered to your door.

Because these barrels can only be reused a few times, we hand craft incredible Oak Barrel Furniture from them just for you.  The quality of our Barrels we use for furniture is of the best on the market. You can rest assured its tested and checked before we even begin to build your item.  Ensuring you get a phenomenal item because you deserve it.

Get yourself set up with Oak Barrel Furniture:

  • Bar Stools
  • Breakfast Nook Stools
  • Leisure Chairs
  • Side Tables
  • Bar Tables

If you can dream it we can make it for you.  Can you picture your dining room table and chairs because we can!  Imagine sitting on your patio in your Oak Barrel Furniture leisure chair having a sundowner…  We can!

You can decorate to your hearts content.  Create your spectacular and ambient space that is beyond compare.   Make your entertainment area vision become a reality with Oak Barrel Furniture.  Be the toast of the town!

KetelKraal commits to making furniture that will enhance the color and grain of the original oak itself.  Where clients become friends and then family.

Ketelkraal – so much more:

Get all your distilling, brewing and so much more from us.  We will guide you every step of the way.  Offering you training too.

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Together let’s keep the good stuff drippin… just because we can.

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