Kentucky Copper Pot Stills

You can set up your own distillery with one of our Kentucky Copper Pot Stills, in the age old tradition of the original bootleggers and moonshiners!

We manufacture top-quality Kentucky Copper Pot Stills for you here at Ketelkraal. We can also import Alembic Copper Pot Stills at your request. Start your journey to becoming a Master Distiller today.

Kentucky Copper Pot Stills

Distilling equipment Kentucky Copper Pot Still

At your request a gin botanical arm can be fitted in the head of the still. Because we know there are some gin distillers among you! The arm is a place you can hang your gin basket with your infusion botanicals with no mess and no fuss. Distil away friend.

Our Stills are hand-crafted from 100% Copper, so you know you are getting a brilliant Copper Still. Copper is the ideal material in the manufacture of your moonshine Still. Copper helps the removal of most of the sulfides produced in the distilling process. This results in the reduction of bacterial contamination in your “moonshine”. It also allows better flavor to your end product.

Your Kentucky Copper Pot Still will be the conversation starter at any braai. We offer many different sizes that will suit all your needs. Take a look at our other still options too. Our Reflux Column stills will amaze you. Wait till you see our Boilers and Mash Tuns – jaw dropping – craftsmanship.

Your end result on any distillate volume will be between 16% to 20% per liter. Make your own unique distilling product giving you the result you want most.

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