Wine Barrel Creations & Furniture
Wine Barrel Creations & Furniture

Wine Barrel Creations & Furniture

Barrels are our passion, and we love to work with them.  Oak is known for the best barrels for ageing Wines, Brandies and Whiskies bearing your hobby and craft in our thoughts.  Knowing how important it is to you we thus aim to please.

Subsequently we stock various sizes from 5 L to 500L. The quality of our Barrels is of the best on the market, and our quality control is stringent. Rest assured its tested and checked before we even begin to build a barrel ensuring you get a phenomenal item.

Wine Barrel Creations & Furniture

We also offer personalized barrel service.  Responding to your request we can engrave the barrel or have your barrel branded for you representing your personal signature. These make for very nice personalized and thoughtful gifts for you to wow your loved one’s. You will  almost certainly appreciate the Brass Tap. Choosing between copper, galvanized, and mild steel hoops catering to your preference is left for you to do. Keep us posted we will gladly assist.

We also stock Barrel oak chips for those wanting to age only a small amount of spirits. These chips work very well in a glass mason jar with your unaged Whiskey or Brandy. Our oak chips come from mature sherry or whiskey or brandy barrels meaning you receive high quality goods. We roast them with an ancient method that naturally brings out all the flavors and color you expect from oak chips as a result. You can choose between, light, medium and dark roast depending on your tastes rendering your perfect end result.

Barrel Craft

We sell loose staves and hoops for your barrels if you need something like that for your pub or Distillery too. These will make charming decorative pieces adorning any space of your choice.  As a barrel lover you will simply adore our furniture range too!  Check it out so you can see for yourself.

Considering your barrel and oak needs is first and foremost in our minds.  You are most welcome to contact us because you may have questions.

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