Beer Tap System

To summarize these beer tap systems are machines used to measure and dispense a specific amount of liquid or other material. Subsequently commonly used in industrial and manufacturing settings where precision and accuracy are needed. As well as available in various configurations and feature a wide range of settings and features.

We provide items such as the following:

4 Line Chiller Dispensing Set

Comes with the following:

Firstly, 2 x Double Towers

Secondly, 4 x Taps

Thirdly, 4 x Couplers

As well as, 1 x Co2 Regulator

Mini lady beer cooler

dispensing equipment

All in one desktop beer cooler (Talos)

Enjoy your beer in your own home and look like a pro in front of your friends. Not only nice to look at but easy to setup and use.

Water tank : 12l

Compressor power : 1/4Hp

Energy consumption : 220W


Talos 4 Line Beer Chiller

4 Line Beer Chiller

Under counter Beer Cooler

Circulation Pump for rapid cooling.

Ideal for any Pub, Restaurant, Home bar, ext.

Keep the cold beer pouring.

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4 Line Chiller Dispensing Set (New) / Beer Tap System