Stills from Ketelkraal! The Perfect Brewing Device.

To summarize you set up your own distillery with Alembic and Kentucky Copper Pot Moonshine Stills. In essence we manufacture top-quality Stills for you here at Ketelkraal. As well as import Alembic Copper Pot Stills at your request.

Your Still will be the conversation starter at any braai. We provide many different sizes that will suit all your needs. Big and small. Because at Ketelkraal we think of everything.

Moonshine is known by many nicknames in English, including mountain dew, choop, hooch, homebrew, shiney, white lightning, white liquor, white whiskey, mash liquor and as you can see the list goes on… Go on, don’t hesitate set up your Still!

Copper Pot Stills / Brewing Device

Kentucky Copper Pot Stills, brewing device

Subsequently our moonshine Stills are hand-crafted from 100% Copper. In the end you know you are getting a brilliant Copper Pot. Our results are top notch. Copper, notably the ideal material in the manufacture of your moonshine Still. Copper helps the removal of most of the sulfides produced in the distilling process. This results in the reduction of bacterial contamination in your moonshine. It also allows better flavor to your end product. These are only one type among a few other we provide.

Such as:

Reflux Column Stills

reflux column
Your distillate will be so pure and concentrated that you literally just need to dilute to prove safe for human consumption. Because if you don’t the concoction you distil could cause an elephant to pass out. We think you get the drift of the Alcohol Beverage Level (ABV) here!

Custom Hybrid Pot Stills

reflux column stills

The still can be used as a normal pot still or you can add sections to covert it into a reflux column. We have different options available. All made with Tri-Clamps and it is a plug and play system, very easy to assemble.

With your Custom Hybrid Pot Still you can add your own Reflux Column using:

  • Sight Glasses
  • T-Sections
  • Spools
  • Glass Column

Ketelkraal – know you are in good hands. Because we know what we are doing!

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Brewing Device!

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