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To summarize, Ketelkraal Molasses a dark, thick syrup that is a byproduct of the refining of sugarcane or sugar beets. By boiling the juice of sugar cane or sugar beets to evaporate the excess water, leaving behind a sticky syrup. As well as containing the minerals and vitamins that are left behind during the refining process, making it a nutrient-rich sweetener. A strong, earthy flavor. Subsequently used to make certain alcoholic beverages and traditional medicines for distilling. Ideal for making your own rum. Brix – 78%. Affordable / cheap molasses for sale!


That is not all! Providing an amazing Treacle 3 apart from our own! Know that we will not let you down. Only the best for you! Because Treacle 3 Molasses has more flavor that is reason enough to use it. Typically made from sugarcane. The consistency will be thick and sticky and the flavor is sweet and somewhat smoky. In the end it is ideal for making your own rum.

molasses for distilling

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Cheap molasses for sale!

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Molasses Syrup. Molasses for distilling by Ketelkraal
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