Ketelkraal Beer Starter Kit! Craft Beer Brewing Kit!

To summarize make your own quality beer at home and be a legendary brewer in your own right. This kit will definitely leave you with legit bragging rights. It will leave your friends wanting what you have. That is for sure! Beginner Beer Brewing Kit! Brewing Equipment refers to the various tools and apparatuses used in the process of brewing beverages such as beer. Subsequently these tools are designed to facilitate the brewing process. Therefore allowing for the extraction of flavors, aromas, and other desirable characteristics from the raw ingredients. Craft beer at home!

This Starter Kit consists of the following:

Cream Ale style beer BJCP 1C. Impression: A clean, well attenuated, flavorful American “Lawnmower” beer. Easily drinkable and refreshing, with more character than typical American Lagers. Vital Stats: IBU 8-20, ABV 4.2-5.6, EBC 5.0-10.4

25L Bucket- Food grade bucket with sealing lid to ensure perfect fermentation.

Airlock– To release built up CO2 and to set free unwanted esters.

Tap– For easy discharging of beer for testing and kegging or bottling.

Temperature strip– To monitor temperature of wort

Stirring Paddle– 24″ paddle for easy stirring and plastic so you don’t scratch your Fermenter.

Hydrometer– To measure gravity to ensure fermenting is completed.

Measuring Tube– 100ml measuring tube to use with hydrometer to take gravity readings.

Scale- To measure all ingredients going forward when you become a legend brewer

Ph Strips– To double check PH if needed

Ketelkraal Beer Starter Kit!

Craft Beer Brewing Kit!

Treat yourself YOU LEGEND!

Craft Beer Brewing Kit.

To sum up a beer starter kit, a great way for someone to get into home brewing. Because it provides everything needed to make their own beer, as well as including all the ingredients and supplies. In short giving the brewer a great place to start. All in all with a starter kit, the brewer begins the process quickly and easily. All things considered also not having to purchase specialized equipment, tailor the recipe to their tastes as they become more experienced. Because in the end Ketelkraal has always got you covered. Ketelkraal knows everything and will guide you all the way.

Beer Starter Kit A

Craft beer brewing kit

In summary our Kit includes the following:
x1 Basic Beer Fermentation Kit
x12 440ml bottles
x100 beer caps
x1 Larger DIY Refill Kit
The Larger DIY Refill Kit includes:
LME (Liquid Malt Extract)
DME (Dry Malt Extract)
To download Instructions click Here.
Buy the best from us without a doubt, knowing you too can brew in the modern world like the ancients did.
Beer Starter Kit A
Buy the best from us without a doubt, knowing you too will brew in the modern world like the ancients did.
Because Ketelkraal has got you covered! Because your passion remains ours too!

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Craft Beer Brewing Kit!

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