Brandy Infused Koffie Bone

Brandy Infused Koffie Bone


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Brandy Infused Koffie Bone

750ml bottle

Brandy Infused Koffie Bone 750ml bottle just for you!  We both know there is NOTHING like a good Cuppa Joe.  Any time.  Any place.  Because we are just as enthusiastic about coffee as you we offers you our dark roasted coffee beans with zeal!


We offer the best Ketelkraal Chilli Sauces, Springbok Droe Wors and Vlakvark Cabanossi too.  But you can sit at your breakfast nook enjoying a quiet aromatic cup of brilliant coffee to get you on the go before your day even begins.


Experience coffee as it should be.  Aromatic, flavorful and full bodied.  Go on, you know you are going to love it, especially when you freshly grind it before you make it.

Sommer smul lekker.

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