Stainless Steel Magnetic Pump MP – 15RM

Stainless Steel Magnetic Pump MP – 15RM



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Magnetic Pump MP- 15RM

The home brew pump is made from food-grade materials and can handle boiling wort temperatures. It has a robust stainless steel impeller housing and because the magnetic drive acts as a clutch, it allows the user to put back pressure on the pump to slow down the flow without any damage to the pump. Magnetic driven pumps are not self-priming and therefore must be located under the level of the liquid source.

Because the lubricated bearings and the liquid being pumped won’t come in contact, the magnetic drive pump is ideal for home brewing as there is no contamination.


  • Safely transfer liquids. It will save time, effort, and serious injury. Use the pump to transfer hot and cold liquids instead of trying to move giant brew kettles yourself and running into accidents and injuries
  • Durable and reliable with stainless steel housing. Fully sealed pump motor with connecting the magnetic shaft and magnetic propeller. Magnetically coupled for enhanced operation
  • This beer pump is an optimum liquid transport pump with high output volume and quiet operation for industrial and home equipment.



Voltage: 220-240V AC @ 50-60Hz

Max Head: 3.4m

Max Capacity: 19L/min

Inlet & Outlet Fittings: 1/2″ BSP

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Magnetic Pump MP

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Magnetic Pump MP

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Magnetic Pump MP

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Magnetic Pump MP

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