Wooden Photo Frame KF05

Wooden Photo Frame KF05



Wooden Photo Frame KF05


Wooden Photo Frame KF05 is made with you in mind.  Because memories are so very precious.


Walk down memory lane with beautifully hand crafted frames from repurposed wine barrels.  Repurposed for you wine barrel wood which has seen its term of service for its original need and make incredible decor and creations that will change the look and feel of any space.  Making you nostalgic as never before.


DIMENSIONS: 57.5cm x 46cm



An Oak Tree is a daily reminder that great things often have small beginnings.


Feel free to get in touch so we can create a Bespoke item just for you.  Because you deserve it.  Surround yourself with beauty.

Get yours today since you deserve beauty everyday.  Bringing you joy and smiles.  Go on, don’t hesitate.  Start making those new memories because time waits for no-one.

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