Beer Brewing! Beer Equipment! Brewing Products! Beer Brewing Tools!

beer brewing / beer equipment

Hey Bru, why don’t you brew DIY?  We know you can and we have the best equipment and brewing products for you!

We know you love fruit of the hops just as we do.  Because the Beer you love to drink must be rich and refreshing. You want more info about it as a result.

Did you know that this is one of the oldest crafts we as humans have practiced?  You may not believe it but the earliest records of beer brewed is recorded as far back as 7000BC.

Beer Brewing! Beer Equipment! Brewing Products! Beer Brewing Tools!

beer brewing / beer equipment

Together,  we all brew as the ancients did!  You can be sure that your brewing remains responsible in part for the development of technology as a matter of fact.  So, brew away our friend and you continue to build civilization pint by pint if you like.

You are welcome to connect with our resident Beer Master to hone your craft.  Go on get yourself a frosty one on us!  We offer you several start up options granting you the opportunity to start small and grow ensuring you brew the beer you really want.


Because we know that you are LEGENDARY! We have designed a ranged of products just for you.  Being a novice or serious craftsman doesn’t matter.  We offer a full range resulting in you having access to everything you need right here.
We simply love the idea of you becoming a Ketelkraal family member since we are all about establishing relationships.

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Pressure Relief Safety Valve
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1.5″ Tri Clamp 0.2-2.2 Bar Adjustable Pressure Relief Safety Valve

Basic beer fermentation kit / Beer Equipment / Beer Fermentation Equipment
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Basic Beer Fermentation Kit. Craft Beer Supplies. Craft Beer Kit.

Craft Beer At Home .brewing materials, BEER SUPPLIES DIY BREWING EQUIPMENT refill kit DIY BEER BREWING
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DIY Beer Brewing Refill Kit / Craft Beer at Home