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Payment Options

You can choose to buy online via EFT, or PayFast. If this is not a method, you feel comfortable with you can also ask us for an invoice and do a direct bank transfer. You can also choose to come and buy with cash. Please note that no item will leave our store until such time as the full payment has cleared in our account, or cash has been received in full.

Please note that most of our prices are based on the Rand Dollar exchange rate and that prices can change without notice. Website prices maybe outdated from time to time when the rand dollar fluctuates. From time to time the markets are very volatile and the RAND can weaken overnight, and it’s something that is beyond our control. This will apply for all advertisement and specials out in the public domain. We will try and keep the prices on the website accurate as for as possible, but if the South African Currency loses or gains value, for whatever reason we can change the price.


Shipping & Delivery

Please note that KetelKraal  Pty Ltd does not have their own delivery/courier company.

KetelKraal can not be held  liable for any loss, damage or obstacles encountered by the courier company, that might have occur during the delivery of our customer’s parcels premises. It must be noted that ALL products are quality checked and packaged stringently prior to shipping.

You, as a customer, have the option to choose your own courier service and/or arrange pickup.  You can also ask us to arrange the delivery with courier companies we use frequently.  You are welcome to send a driver to collect at your discretion.

If you feel your risk is too high or you want to make sure you are covered, there is an option to take out Insurance. Insurance is not something standard that we do for our customers because it is infrequent that incidents happen and Insurance is expensive. Please make sure you specify on the quotation that you would like Insurance with your delivery.  We also, at additional small fee, offer fortifying packaging for you at your request.

Product Manufacture Discrepancy



Items Out Of Stock and on Back-Order

From time to time we run out of stock,  and our stock at hand and the stock our website show is not in sync. Our website might show it is available, but then it is out of stock.

Because we have so many things that are out of our control, it will be impossible to commit ourselves to an exact date for your product/s to be delivered or ready for your collection. Things we do not have control over is: when our suppliers provide material we purchased, Couriers delivery time, Load Shedding, and amount of staff we allowed to have according to the government, Cable theft, other crime like a brake in, and if our staff fall sick.
In other words, we can give you an estimate on how long a project might take, but we will and cannot commit to such date because of the things above we don’t have control over.

On all manufactured products we make, there will be a cancellation fee of 50% applicable. We do not carry stock on raw materials as we have experienced many thefts in the past. We order parts bi-weekly and materials from our suppliers based on the orders we received. In other words, if you place an order with us, we order and pay for your material with our suppliers.

It is important for us that you understand above. We will try to do our utmost best to get your product out ASAP.

Imported Items

We make use of a small airfreight container from our overseas suppliers. Once you place an order with us, we will place the order with them, and also pay them. Our suppliers also have their own challenges regarding raw materials and their suppliers. Therefore, your items that you ordered can be in the next container but then again, maybe not. We have worked with our suppliers for a long time, and they will do their best to supply ASAP. Any cancellation of product that we import will carry a 50% handling and penalty fee.


Items Purchased on Back Order

Should you make a purchase that indicates that the item you are buying is On Back Order, please be sure that you understand the estimated ETA  due to the fact that the items are being imported and may be subject to delays that are beyond of our control.  Should you choose to make the purchase despite this, please note that stock is allocated to you prior to the excise of the goods from customs and you will not be in a position to request a refund due to delays.  We import only a certain volume per shipment and should you purchase have been processed and allocated to a shipment,  the item is seen as purchased and to be shipped to you or made ready for collection upon arrival at the warehouse.


Please make sure if we have stock if we need to manufacture, and if we import, and understand the delivery time frame. Please don’t phone us and say you did not know.



Custom made items cannot be refunded at all as this is not part of our SKU items.


Any other SKU items will carry no fee when cancelled, and we will refund in full except if it has been purchased by means of outsourcing. In such cases, there will be a 20% cancellation fee.
We will try our utmost best to deliver your product as soon as possible, but please don’t put pressure on us as this will not help to deliver your product any faster.

Your options are as follows.

You can exchange the item for something else, and adjust the payment by either you pay in, or we give you change.

Cancel only the out of stock item, and get a refund or other items.

Ask for a credit note that you could use at a later stage.

Our training Courses must be cancelled ten days before the scheduled day for a full refund. If you don’t notify us at least ten days before the class, a refund won’t be given as we could have reserved your seat for someone else.

Please note that our warranty only stands for products brought to our shop. We cannot be held liable for the courier fee or other expenses.


Ketelkraal does not guarantee the following items:

Wooden Barrels
Broken Glass
Heating Elements.
Wood Chips
Any yeast or consumable that has been opened.
Water damaged or lightning strike accidents. (any product)
Any product that was abused

Please note that due to Load Shedding production of many of the items we produce can be delayed. For the most part machinery used to manufacture requires power and when Load Shedding occurs, (which is nothing unfamiliar to us South Africans), it does affect service delivery from time to time.

Also please note that it can be expected from you to leave the equipment/products with us so that we can do a full internal audit or send it back to the supplier for a diagnostic report. In the case this happens we will always try to offer a loan unit for the time being, but if this is not possible, Ketelkraal can’t be held liable for any damages our customers might have occurred in case this happens.

By using the website, you agree to all of the above.


Upon receipt of your Alcohol Meter/Triple Scale Alcohol Meter please do the following:

Calibrate the Alcohol Meter by inserting it into UNCONTAMINATED WATER to get a 0 (zero) reading.  Then with an existing 43% alcohol (vodka) test it the meter to check that it is reading accurately.  Temperature should be at 20 Degrees for optimum results.

SG Triple Scale Hydrometer – should be tested against UNCONTAMINATED WATER to establish the gravity and its accuracy.

Once you have followed this process and have established that the meter is faulty, please return to us within seven (7) days of delivery.