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Speyside Yeast

Speyside Yeast for distilling

Active Dried Yeast a must for any grain whiskey distiller.

Speyside Yeast Active Dried Yeast


This Speyside yeast for distilling is a naturally pure culture.  Saccharomyces Cerevisiae if you want to get technical because you can.


Speyside Yeast for distilling! Active Dried Yeast!


Since we know how serious you are as an enthusiast we got you on this one!  This fine speyside yeast provides you with a perfect distillate on grain and wheat based products.


Use it at a rest whiskey you can ratio of between 60g to 80g per 100L mash resulting in the best whiskey for you and you friends.  Advising you that you need to store in a cool dry place no hotter than 25 degrees ensures that your product can have up to a 3 year shelf life.

Your distilling temperature should be between 20 and 33 degree Celcius and this yeast displays a good alcohol tolerance of up to at least 15% V/V.


Restore this dried yeast to its fully active viable state by rehydrating it as quickly as possible leaving you speechless at the results.  Use 10 x the mass of water at 36 degrees Celcius and Bob’s your uncle!  Vigorously agitate so you get the best from it.  Watch the time though because if you don’t it can be bad for overall alcohol yields.

Speyside Yeast Active Dried Yeast

Info for you:

  • Total Viable Yeast Count – : less than 1 x 1010 c.f.u. per gram minimum
  • Wild Yeast : less than 1 x 105 c.f.u. per gram
  • Bacteria : less than 1 x 106 c.f.u. per gram
  • E. coli : absent
  • Moisture : 8% maximum
  • Handling : Cool dry conditions for optimum shelf life and activity
  • Allowing yeast to remain at 36 degrees for longer than the stipulate time period can negatively affect alcohol yields


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Speyside yeast for distilling!

Keep the good stuff drippin’… yeah, the good stuff.