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Activated Carbon

activated carbon

Activated Carbon, simply perfect for your distilling purposes.

To sum it up activated carbon used remove impurities. A consumable used to remove a range of impurities. In brief  heavy metals and others. Notably the activated carbon added as a material or in a filter. Activated carbon is able to remove the impurities in during the distilling process. Hence the impurities are then filtered out before ready.

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Using activated carbon in distilling.

activated carbon

  •  Firstly, soak it in distilled water for at least one hour. Helping remove  the things that will affect your distilling.
  •  Secondly, place in a filter housing along with the needed supports or connections. Most filters use a standard connection.
  • Thirdly, connect the filter to the distilling system.
  •  Turn on the system and allow to flow through the filter. The carbon will adsorb unwanted things, leaving it pure.
  • Check the flow rate. If slowing down, turn off the system and replace the activated carbon.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. High temperatures make it weaker.

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Activated Carbon! Consumables!


To summarize consumables are items used for the a distilling setup. Notably these often include items such as copper stills, tubing, filters, yeast, sugar, and hoses. Other items recommended for distilling include thermometers, hydrometers, testing kits, and measuring containers. Basic maintenance such as cleaning supplies and sterilization agents must also be kept on hand.

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To summarize consumables for distilling include yeast, a fermentation container, a still, clean water, and flavorings such as fruits and herbs. Other items needed for distilling the liquid, a hydrometer to measure the alcohol content, a thermometer to measure the temperature of the liquid, and a filter.

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