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Beer Keg Dispensers

Beer Keg Dispensers!

Beer Keg Dispensers

Our Beer Keg Dispensers are your ABSOLUTE best  beer keg tap option for that impromptu portable party perfect for those beer kegs which are also available right here!  Whether you planned a spontaneous event these tap units are great value for money and so easy to “lug” around.  No electricity required just add ice and Voila! For hire right here from us!

Get your on tap system for those beer kegs today! Because at Ketelkraal we know what we are talking about! You are undoubtedly in good hands! Because at Ketelkraal we only provide the best!

Knowing our clients, friends and family are discerning when it comes to their drinks and leisure activities causes us to go the extra mile with you in mind.  Because we know that you know that we know our booze.  Causing a domino effect that ends up in your glass – premium quality every time. Then this Unit is right up your alley.

We have our beer keg dispensers for hire and we have a division of units for sale too. 

To summarize dispensing equipment are machines used to measure and dispense a specific amount of liquid or other material. Subsequently commonly used in industrial and manufacturing settings where precision and accuracy are needed. As well as available in various configurations and feature a wide range of settings and features.

We provide items such as the following:

4 Line Chiller Dispensing Set

Beer Keg Dispensers

Comes with the following:

Firstly, 2 x Double Towers

Secondly, 4 x Taps

Thirdly, 4 x Couplers

As well as, 1 x Co2 Regulator

Mini lady beer cooler

dispensing equipment

All in one desktop beer cooler (Talos)

Enjoy your beer in your own home and look like a pro in front of your friends. Not only nice to look at but easy to setup and use.

Water tank : 12l

Compressor power : 1/4Hp

Energy consumption : 220W


Talos 4 Line Beer Chiller 

4 Line Beer Chiller

Under counter Beer Cooler

Circulation Pump for rapid cooling.

Ideal for any Pub, Restaurant, Home bar, ext.

Keep the cold beer pouring.

As well as these!

Jockey Box Dispensing Units

The Jockey Box Dispensing units are great value for money and so easy to “lug” around.


We provide:

Firstly, 1 Tap Jockey Box – with CO2 Canister & Coupler and Regulator

Secondly, 2 Tap Jockey Box – with CO2 Canister & Coupler and Regulator

Thirdly, 3 Tap Jockey Box – with CO2 Canister & Coupler and Regulator

We strive for only the best! Therefore providing only the best!

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What we provide here you will absolutely not find anywhere else!