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Coriander Seeds Botanical

Coriander Seeds Botanical

Coriander Seeds Botanical

In brief this botanical often used in the distilling process. Specifically in the production of gin. Ultimately Coriander seeds botanical contributes to gin’s pleasant aroma and spicy flavor. Many gin producers use the seeds to give the spirit its signature taste. However, distillers use other ingredients in combination with coriander. For example such as juniper berries, orange and lemon peels, or angelica root, creating their own unique gin flavor profile.

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Using Coriander Seeds Botanical in distilling

Above all Coriander seeds, or coriander, a popular ingredient used in the distilling process. The seeds are versatile. In particular adding a distinctive flavor and complexity to a range of spirits. Including gin, whiskey, brandy, and vodka.

Notably using coriander seeds in distilling, firstly grind them into a powder. Done using a coffee grinder, mortar and pestle, or spice grinder. The powder must be very finely ground, allowing for the maximum extraction of flavor and aroma.

Furthermore, add the coriander powder to the still’s hot liquor tank. Add it at the very end of the distilling process. The volatile components of the coriander will be lost if added too early. Generally speaking, the longer the coriander powder is exposed to the heated liquor, the stronger the flavor and aroma will be.

Finally, once the spirit has been distilled, filter out the coriander powder through a straining bag. Ensuring that the resulting distilled spirit will not obtain any particles or sediment.

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