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Beer Supplies

Beer Supplies from Ketelkraal

beer supplies

Hey Bru, why don’t you brew DIY?  We know you can and we have the best equipment and beer supplies for you!

We know you love fruit of the hops just as we do.  Because the Beer you love to drink must be rich and refreshing. You want more info about it as a result.

Did you know that this is one of the oldest crafts we as humans have practiced?  You may not believe it but the earliest records of beer brewed is recorded as far back as 7000BC.


Together,  we all brew as the ancients did!  You can be sure that your brewing remains responsible in part for the development of technology as a matter of fact.  So, brew away our friend and you continue to build civilization pint by pint if you like.

Beer Supplies and what it includes!

Beer Components and Spares

beer spares and components

To summarize in brief components and spares for distilling and brewing are essential items. Thus needed in order to create a successful product. Notably components and spares come in a variety of different forms. However also depending on the type of distilling or brewing process. Although generally, components and spares are items like boilers, fermentation tanks, heat exchangers, valves, piping, pumps, and measuring instruments among others too. However spares are often the same as the components that make up the system, in a different size or quantity. Subsequently components and spares are key pieces of equipment that allow a distiller or brewer to create consistent and quality end products.

 Brewing Equipment  

brewing equipment. brewing gear

In short Brewing equipment typically refers to the machinery and tools used in the process of making beer. Also great craft beer brewing products. This includes items such as fermentation tanksmash tuns, boil kettles, and conditioning tanks. Other important pieces of equipment used in the brewing process include kegs, brew kettles, wort chillers, pumps, carbonation systems, and kegging systems.

Brewers Yeasts/Nutrients

fermaid k

To summarize brewers yeasts/nutrients are important components in home brewing and commercial brewing. Yeasts convert the natural sugars found in malts and grains into alcohol. As well as carbon dioxide. The combination of yeast, nutrients, and water creates the ideal environment for fermentation. Thus the process responsible for creating beer. The selection of the right yeast strain and amount of nutrients are important for the production. For the desired beer style. Brewers yeasts/nutrients are available in both liquid and dry form. Therefore brewers should select the one that best suits their needs.


To summarize dispensing equipment are machines used to measure and dispense a specific amount of liquid or other material. Subsequently commonly used in industrial and manufacturing settings where precision and accuracy are needed. As well as available in various configurations and feature a wide range of settings and features.

Beer Supplies include all of the above and so much more!

What are you waiting for! Contact us for more information. We will provide you with it all!

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Because we are here to save the day! We are always here to help and guide you through your journey. We share the same passion and excitement for brewing.  Helping you create that legendary beer your want.

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