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Mayfair Gin & Dry Lemon

Mayfair Gin & Dry Lemon

Mayfair Gin & Dry Lemon

Mayfair Gin & Dry Lemon: An Invigorating Gin Liqueur

To summarize Mayfair Gin & Dry Lemon is a refreshing gin liqueur made with real lemon juice and the finest British gin. Not only is it easy to drink, but it’s also perfect for enjoying on its own or in cocktails.

How to Enjoy 

Savor it over ice!
To begin with, savoring this gin over ice is a great way to enjoy the gin’s refreshing flavor and citrusy aroma. Moreover, you can intensify the flavor by adding a splash of sparkling water or lemonade. Additionally, enhance the taste with a slice of lemon or lime, or try a sprig of mint or a slice of orange for a touch of freshness. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for a more complex flavor profile by adding a dash of bitters. As a result, the possibilities for customization are endless, allowing you to create your own unique flavor combinations.

Mix with sparkling water or lemonade

In addition to savoring it over ice, adding Mayfair Gin & Dry Lemon to a glass of sparkling water or lemonade creates a light and refreshing drink, perfect for hot days. For instance, you can try combining it with cranberry juice, lime juice, and ginger ale. Alternatively, experiment with orange juice, pineapple juice, and club soda for even more variety. Furthermore, you can easily transform it into a mocktail by adding sparkling water, a splash of fruit juice, and your favorite garnish.

Use in classic cocktails

For those who appreciate classic cocktails, this gin adds a delightful touch of sweetness and complexity. Enjoy a classic gin and tonic by simply combining it with tonic water and garnishing with a slice of lemon. On the other hand, indulge in a lemon gin fizz by shaking Mayfair Gin & Dry Lemon with lemon juice, simple syrup, and sparkling water. Finally, garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint for a refreshing twist.

Try it in mocktails
Moreover, Mayfair Gin & Dry Lemon is an excellent base for creating refreshing and flavorful mocktails. Allow these ideas to inspire you:

Lemonade Spritzer: Combine this  lemon liqueur, lemonade, and sparkling water. As a result, garnish with a slice of lemon.
Ginger Lemon Mojito: Mix it  with ginger ale, lime juice, and simple syrup. Furthermore, muddle fresh mint leaves and add to the drink. Consequently, top with club soda and garnish with a lime wedge and a sprig of mint.
Peach Bellini: Blend  with peach nectar and sparkling wine. In conclusion, garnish with a peach slice and a sprig of mint.


Finally, Our Lemon  liqueur is gluten-free and vegan, ensuring it caters to various dietary preferences. Furthermore, with an alcohol content of 37.5% ABV, it comes in a convenient 440ml bottle. So, find it in select retailers.

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