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Beer Bottling Kit

Beer Bottling Kit

beer bottling kit

Because Ketelkraal thinks of everything and know the importance of all aspects of distilling. We provide you with the great yet basic Beer bottling kit also a starter kit that will get you on the go. This kit will leave you bottling like a Pro! However so simple and so easy to use.

24 x 440ml Beer Bottles with 50 x caps and Bottle Capper

48 x 440ml Beer Bottles with 100 x caps and Bottle Capper

We have this kit but also similarly we have this great other package!

Bottle like a master with our Beer Bottle Filling Kit.

In short this kit has all the basic components to make life easier to bottle your own beer in the comfort of your own home. All in all everything you need in one kit. After all EASY PEASY it simply the best! Just for you, because at Ketelkraal we have always got your back. The simple things and more. A beer bottling filling kit typically includes the items needed to fill and store beer bottles for conditioning.

This kit includes:

Bottle Capper

Auto Siphon with Clamp

Spring loaded beer bottle filler

100 crown caps that fits a standard size beer bottle.

This kit will have you all set! We provide this and so much more. Such as the Beer bottling kit! Once again giving you everything you will need to get bottling fast and easy.

Another little something you may be interested in!

Starter Kit

To sum up a beer starter kit is a great way for someone to get into home brewing. Because it provides everything they need to make their own beer, after all including all the ingredients and supplies. In short giving the brewer a great place to start. All in all with a starter kit, the brewer can begin the process quickly and easily. All things considered also not having to purchase specialized equipment, and they can tailor the recipe to their tastes as they become more experienced. Because in the end Ketelkraal has always got you covered.

Beer Starter Kit A

Our Kit includes the following:
x1 Basic Beer Fermentation Kit
x12 440ml bottles
x100 beer caps
x1 Larger DIY Refill Kit
The Larger DIY Refill Kit includes:
LME (Liquid Malt Extract)
DME (Dry Malt Extract)
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