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Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

In short Ketelkraal provides you with outstanding Coffee Beans! We all know how important a good cup of coffee is. Starting your day with quality and full  flavored medium roast. 

Songwe Tanzania Coffee Beans

An unbelievably lovely medium roast.


Notably a splendid medium roast from Ketelkraal. Especially beautifully full and aromatic unlike any other you have had before. Understanding without a doubt how absolutely important it is for your pick me up Cup of Joe in the morning! 100% Arabica top Quality. Giving you that absolute satisfaction. In the first place you will enjoy it and secondly you deserve a spoil.

It should be noted Songwe Tanzanian Coffee Beans from the Kilimanjaro area are some of the best and highest quality Arabica coffee beans in the world. We at Ketelkraal have brought those particular incredible coffee beans right to you! In fact these Songwe Tanzanian Coffee Beans have been harvested by hand and surprisingly they have a naturally sweet taste that is well balanced and delicious. With this purpose expect a few different flavors such as caramel, dark chocolate, and citrus fruits. Most definitely best enjoyed as a burr-ground filter or espresso roast.

All in all everyone needs that well enjoyed cup of coffee! Let it be you!

Only the best beans, for the best and from the best!


Another fantastic roasted product besides our coffee beans that we will provide you with.


Roasted Barley 1KG

Roasted Barley

To be said this is produced from quality spring barley.
In other words processed slowly and thoroughly by our drum process. Evenly roasted specialty grain. To sum it up this adds plenty of dark color and clean depth of flavor to very dark brews. Flavor: typical roast aroma; notes of coffee and cocoa.
Raw Material: Malting Barley
Roasted Barley 1KG


1000 – 1300 EBC

Roasted Barley 1KG

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Coffee Beans!