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Craft Beer At Home

Craft Beer At Home!

Craft beer at home

Making craft beer at home, considered a passion or simply an enjoyable hobby. Craft beer, known for its unique flavors and high-quality ingredients. While it seems daunting to make it at home, however most definitely possible with the right equipment and a little patience. Ketelkraal provides you with everything you will need to get you going on your home craft brewing.

Items such as the following:

Starter Kits For Craft Beer At Home.

To summarize Ketelkraal provides a wide variety of fantastic starter kits. Just for you! Because we know everyone needs to start somewhere because we did too. Thus we can not wait to get you started on your journey of brewing. Guiding you to the great brewer within you!

Because we are always here to help!

Subsequently we provide a few different kits. As seen bellow just to mention a few.

Such as:

Ketelkraal Beer Starter Kit:

In brief Cream Ale style beer BJCP 1C. Impression: A clean, well attenuated, flavorful American “Lawnmower” beer. Easily drinkable and refreshing, with more character than typical American Lagers. Vital Stats: IBU 8-20, ABV 4.2-5.6, EBC 5.0-10.4

  • 25L Bucket-              Food grade bucket with sealing lid to ensure perfect fermentation.
  • Airlock-                     To release built up CO2 and to set free unwanted esters.
  • Tap-                           For easy discharging of beer for testing and kegging or bottling.
  • Temperature strip- To monitor temperature of wort
  • Stirring Paddle-       24″ paddle for easy stirring and plastic so you don’t scratch your Fermenter.
  • Hydrometer-            To measure gravity to ensure fermenting is completed.
  • Measuring Tube- 100ml measuring tube to use with hydrometer to take gravity readings.
  • Scale-                         To measure all ingredients going forward when you become a legend brewer
  • Ph Strips-                  To double check PH if needed

Refill Kits!

refill kit. DIY BEER BREWING

To summarize in brief, Ketelkraal provides a number of absolutely amazing DIY Beer Refill Kits. Made with you in mind.  We did this on purpose benefitting you.  Subsequently even you as a novice can get great results.  These are designed so that all you need is a 1L pot or casserole to boil the hops for 60min because we know everyone has to start somewhere.  The thought behind this range is allowing you to start small offering you a kick start. Knowing you are in good hands, bringing confidence you need.

You will need an airtight fermenter to ferment the beer in to ensure a brilliant end product.  Working in sterile conditions will get best results now there’s a brilliant tip.  Focusing on that will have you good to go since there is no other way.  You’re developing crafting practices that provide brilliant end product in your hands as a result.  It is for you, after all.

Serving your home brew ale at parties will make your ale a conversation piece for weeks as a result.  When in doubt do your research well because there is so much info out there for you. You simply will not wrong trying these.

Because Ketelkraal here to save the day!

These Refill Kits DIY Beer include:

LME (Liquid Malt Extract)
DME (Dry Malt Extract)

Just to name some!

  • Blonde
  • Cream Ale
  • Lager
  • APA
  • IPA

Trusting us to get you where you want to be as a craftsman and home brewer will contribute to creating your success.  Ensuring your success is important to us as much as we know it is important to you.

Contact us! Because at Ketelkraal we are always here to help!

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