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Borage Herb Cut Botanical

Borage Herb Cut Botanical

Borage Herb Cut botanical

In brief Borage herb, used in the production of distilled spirits. Obtaining a flavor that is slightly metallic and slightly bitter. Making it an ideal additive to many types of alcohol. Used to enhance the flavor of gin, vodka, and other spirits. As well as to add complexity to liqueurs and cordials.

The leaves of borage obtain a strong, perfumed aroma. Especially noticeable when dried. The flowers obtain a mild scent that is enhanced with distilling. The flowers of borage often used in the production of liqueurs or cordials and also used as decorations for cocktails.

To use Borage Herb Cut Botanical in distilling.

borage herb

Borage herb is a wonderful addition to distilling. A subtle yet distinctive flavor and the herb can easily be infused into your spirit base. Best during the middle and late stages of the distilling process, as it helps to balance out the flavors.

To use borage in distilling, first add the herb to the finished spirit base before adding the yeast. This will infuse the base with the flavor of the borage. Crush the herb leaves prior to adding them to the base. After adding the borage, allow the base to rest for several days. Once the spirit base has been infused with the borage flavor, it can be distilled as normal.

Once the spirit has been distilled, it can be aged in an oak barrel to allow the flavors to meld. The borage will further enhance the flavor of the spirit and add an interesting depth.

Overall, a great addition to any spirit. The subtle flavor used to really bring out the character of the base. Or to simply add a unique flavor profile to the spirit.

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