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Alcohol Meters

Alcohol Meters for distilling.

alcohol meter

Are you a beginner or an old hand in distilling? Notably this alcohol meter is critical to any distilling process. From making brandy, whiskey, gin, vodka liqueur ext. Your favorite alcohol!

You can therefore determine the alcohol percentage (Abv).

Most importantly with the alcohol meter, your alcohol will be the correct Abv.

This floating still spirits alcohol meter is used for measuring the proof of alcohol and other spirits. Hence it works just like a floating hydrometer. As a result, it provides measurements of alcohol content in proof of alcohol  (% Abv). Used only for distilled alcohol.

0-100% Abv.

All depending on the reflux ratio of your still. Now you can produce a product up to 95 % ethanol, but you can’t drink it, it is too strong (can be poisonous), and it needs diluting. Get an alcohol meter (or one for wine), measure the % alcohol, and dilute it down to around 40 % (whiskey) or 22 % (liqueurs).

People that are interested in Alcohol Meters, also look at the following.

PH Meter

The rate and outcome of chemical reactions taking place in water, but often depends on the acidity of the water, it is, therefore, useful to know the acidity of the water, typically measured by means of a pH meter. Very important for alcohol distilling.

Lazer Gun Thermometer

Laser ranges from -76 to 1022 degrees F. Distance ratio is 12:1. A must for distilling alcohol.

Brix Meter (Alcohol)

The Brix meter is a device used to measure the sugar levels in your mash before distilling the alcohol.  0 to 30Bx (in Brix or SG) of fruit. An easy and fast way by only using 1 drop of fruit or mash for your alcohol. It measures in Brix measurement as well in SG scales. This decides the quality of the alcohol.

Measuring Tubes (Alcohol)

Plastic alcohol resistant measuring cylinder with pouring spout and graduations. Accurate alcohol Vol: measuring.

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