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Blue Hybrid.

Blue Hybrid AR

Blue Hybrid


Distillers Yeast Blue Hybrid AR Yeast is made for you as the best all rounder (AR) yeast on the market.  Because the yeast already has all the nutrients required in it,  you won’t need to add any extras.

You’ve are at the right place.

For your info yeast is a single cell organism which multiplies vigorously in the presence of oxygen.  Then after all of the oxygen is used up, your yeast will convert sugar into alcohol. Fermentation is simply the process by which yeast converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide – the essence of your wash!


  • Your yeast is a potent active distilling yeast. Top notch quality and a powerful flavorful profile because we have you in mind.  As well as your end result.  Long ago, the action of yeast was such a blessing, yet so mysterious, that English brewers called it “God is good.”


  • Your Distillers Yeast Blue Hybrid is a dried yeast for the production of Brandy/Ciders/Grain Whiskey/Malt Whiskey/Vodka/Rum – yes the sky is your limit!

Blue Hybrid Yeast knocks your socks off it’s just that good!

Distillers Yeasts such as our Blue Hybrid.

Distillers Yeasts

Distillers Yeasts developed for you! Over all we stock different types of yeasts for spirits and beer. Our yeast caters to the distillers and the brewers market. In fact we sell only the best yeast available, and you will love it too because it works so well. In the end we understand the high importance of a top quality yeasts for your distilling and brewing. Because we are passionate about distilling and brewing only the best. All things considered you can not go wrong with Ketelkraal.

In short because here we know what we are doing!

It should be noted our yeasts are proven to show excellent tolerance to high fermentation temperatures because they are so well developed.

To summarize we also developed and stock an excellent Blue Hybrid Yeast All Rounder (AR) that shows outstanding results.  The range is incredible. This will most definitely impress you without a doubt.

That is not all we have for you! As well as the Blue Hybrid we also have a fantastic Angel Super Turbo Yeast. The “Rolls-Royce” of yeasts. We have these and so much more.

Get your yeast now to avoid disappointment! Ketelkraal is here to save the day! Only the best!

Get Distillers Yeasts online or alternatively pop into our shop.

You will never look back! Above all as seen above we are the go to for your distilling needs.

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