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Wormwood Botanical

Wormwood Botanical

Wormwood botanical

To sum it up Wormwood botanical (Artemisia absinthium) a perennial herb native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa. It has a strong, bitter taste and a characteristic sage-like aroma. Wormwood used for centuries for its medicinal benefits. Wormwood is an ingredient in the alcoholic beverages vermouth and absinthe. The homemade absinthe consist of the holy trinity of wormwood, anise, and fennel, along with a hard liquor like vodka. The ingredient will give you more flavor and a more heady punch. The wormwood separates a hallucinogenic from a non-hallucinogenic absinthe.


Gin Botanical Infusion Kit

How do I know which Botanical I would prefer for my Infusion?

Generally speaking suggested as a beginner you take samples, (a shot glass), of a vodka of your choice and add each of your botanicals in tiny amounts to gauge the flavor and tastes you like.  Ultimately infusion length depends on the botanical strength.

Once you have done that, choose two of your samples that you really appreciated the flavors of and combine them.  Do that in as many combinations as you can and wish to create. After all as you continue to expose your palette you will be able to create your absolute unique botanical blend preference.  Ultimately doing it in this manner allows for the fact that you are able to identify, in simple way, the flavors you prefer.  Because Ketelkraal uses the same methodology when developing our own baselines and creating multi-flavor botanical kits at our plant.

A Kit Fit For Legends!

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Wormwood Botanical!