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Beer Fermenters!

Beer Fermenters!

30L Conical Beer Fermenter by Ketelkraal (Non Jacketed)

30L Conical Fermenter. Beer brewing tools and equipment

As a member of the Ketelkraal brewing family, we guide you in making the best quality beer. Start the journey now. Because you seem to be in the market for Brewing Equipment we have a fermenter by Ketelkraal just for you.

You can get everything you need from us here. Whether it be for fermenting, distilling, brewing, braaiing or smoking. We stock equipment, bottles, consumables, ingredients and much more.

Your success in your brewing, distilling and all your endeavors is first and foremost in our minds. Because of that, we offer you a One Stop Shop Solution to meet all your needs. As a result we will be here to help and guide you every step of the way.

30L Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter by Ketelkraal provides you the brewer with the ease of fermentation and the durability of Stainless Steel construction.

The beer fermenter includes:


The benefits and advantages of a 30L Stainless Steel Conical Beer Fermenter by Ketelkraal:

  • You can re-use yeast because it’s easy by collecting it from the dump valve
  • This fermenter made for you has a Racking Arm for transferring beer into kegs resulting in you being able to take samples during fermentation
  • Your beer can be aged in a stainless steel conical fermenter without having to rack into a secondary vessel, so you can just dump the yeast and trub
  • This 30L Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter by Ketelkraal has gravity and pressure transfers
  • Because Alcohol never comes into contact with light your product is by far superior
  • Easy to clean and maintain

30L Stainless Steel Conical Beer Fermenter by Ketelkraal. We provide this and so many other beer fermenters.

You can always pop into our store to chat or check out our great product range.

Get it – no regrets!

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