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Lime Flowers Cut Botanical

Lime Flowers Cut Botanical

Lime flowers cut botanical

Linden trees, known as lime trees, are deciduous. With heart-shaped leaves and small globes of feathery, white-yellow flowers that carry a strong, sweet scent.

What is a lime flowers cut botanical?
Do not confuse it with the lime tree that produces the citrus fruit. Lime flower known to come from Tilia species. Notably often large, majestic trees found in parks and forests. An infusion of lime flower can offer gentle support in times of need. Using Lime flower gives the a very clean and refreshing taste.


Ketelkraal is here to save the day. Giving our combinations to you. Noted that not only the botanicals that you choose make a signature distillate, also the way they react to each other. Significantly this will impact your end product. Create your own by experimenting with simple combinations and work a more complex blend with gaining experience.


In short the Botanicals used in this kit are used for gin recipes all over the world. Furthermore, requiring a botanical not part of this kit, get in touch! If we do not stock it, we can source it.

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We also have other botanicals such as:

Chamomile Flower for distilling.

chamomile flower botanical

In brief Chamomile flower a popular choice for distilling. Notably a delicate and fragrant flower significantly adding a gentle sweet floral scent to any distilled spirit. Therefore distilling in several different ways. Like adding directly to the still. Infusing in a neutral vodka or infused in a sugar syrup. The delicate aroma of chamomile flower best captured in essential oil and often used to flavor liqueurs. In essence many distillers find the flavor to be quite mild when distilled, so often blended with other herbs or spices to increase the complexity of the flavor. Chamomile flower create a smooth and unusual flavor that is calming. Chamomile is known for its tranquility properties. The benefits of chamomile are derived through it’s antispasmodic properties, helping to relax muscular and nervous tension.

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