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Rum For Sale!


To summarize briefly Rum, a distilled alcoholic drink made from fermented sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice. Often aged in oak barrels. Ranging in flavors from the aging process, from light and sweet to dark and oaky. The word rum comes from an old English word, rumbullion. In the Caribbean, rum commonly used to make many classic cocktails. Like the Mojito, the Hurricane, and the Piña Colada. No need to look any further. Here at Ketelkraal we provide quality Rum for sale! Such as our Premium Blunderbuss Dark Rum. Definitely one for the books! Because we refuse not to go that extra mile. Simply providing top notch and perfection. 
Rum for sale!

Premium Blunderbuss Dark Rum

Rum For Sale!

In summary Blunderbuss Rum genuinely is a one of a kind. In essence a absolutely deliciously smooth drink. The Blunderbuss Rum has quite the story and history to it. Altogether worth the read and in fact proving the incredible uniqueness of this very special Rum. As seen below!



Rum For Sale Premium Blunderbuss Dark Rum

The summer of 1864 a turning point for the notorious band of train robbers. Led by Bloody Bill. Known for their daring heists and their weapons of choice. The BLUNDERBUSS that could stop a steam train in its tracks.

When they heard about a train carrying a large shipment of gold bullion coins, they saw an opportunity for the score of a lifetime. They planned the heist with precision and successfully brought the train to a standstill.

But to their surprise, they found no gold. Only a group of passengers and a strange, dark liquid stored in barrels. The bandits, not being ones to let good loot go to waste, decided to take the barrels with them.

As they made their getaway, they discovered that the liquid was RUM. But they didn’t mind as RUM had a value of its own and could be sold for a good price.

With the Sheriffs and Bounty Hunters hot on their heels, the bandits boarded a ship. The Alabama, at Galveston Harbor, Texas. Bound for South Africa. There they sold the RUM barrels to a collector. The collector was intrigued by the fine quality of the RUM and was shocked to find a mysterious recipe engraved into the wood of one of the barrels.

The final stretch of our history.

And so, the birth of BLUNDERBUSS RUM was celebrated, a smooth and delicious drink that would become synonymous with the daring spirit of Bloody Bill and his bandits. The recipe was passed down through the generations, and to this day, BLUNDERBUSS RUM is still made with the same care and precision as it was over 150 years ago.

So, whether you prefer it straight on the rocks, neat, or with your favorite mixer, BLUNDERBUSS RUM is a drink that embodies the adventurous spirit of the past and brings a touch of history to every glass.

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Ultimately not only do we have this amazing bottle of rum but also specials and combo’s of other liquors you just will not be able to resist.

All in all we strive for true perfection and quite honestly have achieved this in everyway with our absolutely decadent brandy. This is not the only Kraal product we have produced. We have an out of this world Die Kraal Brandewyn too! With it’s very own fascinating story.

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Rum For Sale!