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Beer Bottle

Beer Bottle Amber

Beer Bottle Amber

To summarize the Beer Bottle 440ml a beer bottle that holds a volume of 440 milliliters and commonly used to store amber-colored beers. Notably the bottle is made from dark or brown-colored glass. Subsequently helping to protect the beer from being exposed to direct sunlight and improves taste. As well as typically equipped with a crown-capped closure. Therefore allowing for an airtight seal. Additionally, all amber-colored beer bottles feature a unique embossed lettering that helps to identify the specific type of beer.

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Color: Amber
Weight: 300g
Height: 238mm

Finish: 26/600 CC
Mouth: Crown Cap Closure
Capacity: 440ml
Diameter: 67mm

With the beer bottle, comes the beer too!

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Refill Kits DIY Beer


To summarize in brief, Ketelkraal provides a number of absolutely amazing DIY Beer Refill Kits. Made with you in mind.  We did this on purpose benefitting you.  Subsequently even you as a novice can get great results.  These are designed so that all you need is a 1L pot or casserole to boil the hops for 60min because we know everyone has to start somewhere.  The thought behind this range is allowing you to start small offering you a kick start. Knowing you are in good hands, bringing confidence you need.

You will need an airtight fermenter to ferment the beer in to ensure a brilliant end product.  Working in sterile conditions will get best results now there’s a brilliant tip.  Focusing on that will have you good to go since there is no other way.  You’re developing crafting practices that provide brilliant end product in your hands as a result.  It is for you, after all.

Serving your home brew ale at parties will make your ale a conversation piece for weeks as a result.  When in doubt do your research well because there is so much info out there for you. You simply will not wrong trying these.

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These Refill Kits DIY Beer include:

LME (Liquid Malt Extract)
DME (Dry Malt Extract)

Just to name some!

  • Blonde
  • Cream Ale
  • Lager
  • APA
  • IPA

Trusting us to get you where you want to be as a craftsman and home brewer will contribute to creating your success.  Ensuring your success is important to us as much as we know it is important to you.

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Beer Bottle Amber!