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Pink Rum

Earthbound Pink Rum 500ml

Pink Run

To summarize briefly a fresh, crisp & clear hand-crafted rum. Notably manufactured by means of a vapor infusion process with ‘low and slow’ distillation. Infused with Cherries! Earthbound Pink rum, a flavored rum infused with natural ingredients helping obtain a pink hue and a unique flavor profile. Popular for its fruity and floral notes. Making it a great choice for cocktails and mixed drinks. Pink rum often enjoyed on its own over ice or used as a base for tropical rum cocktails like daiquiris or mojitos. The pink color often achieved by infusing the rum with ingredients like strawberries, raspberries, hibiscus, or other botanicals. Adding a fun and vibrant twist to traditional rum drinks and perfect for adding a pop of color to any cocktail menu.

Apart from the Earthbound Pink Rum we also provide:

Earthbound Silver Rum

Silver Rum

To summarize Silver rum, also known as white rum. A type of rum clear in color and typically aged for a short period of time. Subsequently a versatile spirit commonly used in cocktails and mixed drinks due to its light and clean flavor profile. Silver rum is often distilled from sugarcane and has a crisp and smooth taste, with subtle notes of vanilla and tropical fruit. Notably a popular choice for classic cocktails such as the MojitoDaiquiri, and Piña Colada. Overall, silver rum is a great option for those looking for a light and refreshing spirit to enjoy in their favorite mixed drinks. This Silver Rum is a unique hand-crafted medium white rum.


As well as:

Earthbound Amber Rum

Amber Rum

To summarize Amber Rum, a barrel aged sipping rum. Notably, perfect on the rocks or with ginger ale and ice. A fantastic quality craft medium rum. A combination of the taste and aroma of the finest molasses around.

In brief Amber rum is a type of rum aged in oak barrels, giving it a darker color and a richer flavor profile. The aging process also allows the rum to mellow and develop more complex flavors. Subsequently making it a favorite among rum enthusiasts. Enjoyed on its own or mixed into a delicious drink, amber rum remains a versatile and flavorful spirit that adds depth and warmth to any experience. Enriched with French Oak Wood chips. Providing a rounded taste with the distinct notes of molasses and woody undertones.

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