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Brandy Specials

Brandy Specials!

Brandy for sale

To sum it up Ketelkraal provides you our loyal customers with a vast variety of quality Brandy. Because we know how important a good Brana’s is. Therefore we have brandy specials available right here at Ketelkraal. Brandy for sale!

Because at Ketelkraal we know what we are talking about!

Our range of Brandy for sale:

Firstly Die Kraal Brandy! Smooth, delicious and always “nog net enetjie”! Made by Ketelkraal we are very proud to present this one.

Secondly Olof Bergh 750ml made for all the brana lovers out there.  Smooth and delicious on the rocks or with your favorite soft drink – either way – satisfaction will be yours!

Thirdly Qualito Hardekool made locally in South Africa and with a real South African flavor.

Also but not only Royal Superior Special VO Reserve for all the true brandy lovers’ out there!

Finally EENDRACHT VSOP CAPE a lovely choice indeed.

Brandy! Combos!

We also provide some great combo deals!

Such as:

  • DIE KRAAL BRANDEWYN 750ml & 12 x 300ml CocaCola Special!

Brandy! Combos! Brandy Specials!

brandy special

Just a little something extra for you! Because we can!


Die Kraal Brana has quite the story behind it.  Since you deserve the best of the best we have distilled it for you! This brandy is so eloquently made for all you Brana lovers out there. Not only do we have this amazing bottle of brandy but also specials and combo’s you just will not be able to resist.

All in all we strive for true perfection and quite honestly have achieved this in everyway with our absolutely decadent brandewyn. This is not the only Kraal product we have produced. We have an out of this world Premium Blunderbuss Dark Rum now too! With it’s very own fascinating story.

We provide a number of  fantastic spirits and beers too.  Check out our Liquor Store online. Because we only provide the best.

Brandy for sale!

Oom Jan se gedig:

Dis koud daar buite maar die ketel loop,

‘n vars gebakte broodjie met botter en stroop,

Eerder n stywe brandewyn op die klippe,

Die braaivleisvuur, die sopie, die warm mis tussen jou tone,

Janter speel die konsertina en CJ Legende die driehoek.

Biltong met koljander, kampvuur knetter, klingel in ‘n glas,

saamgesels, pelle maak, stories vertel,

hardekool, rus vir die siel,

Voorlaaier, biskuit, vars oggend koffie,

die reuk van plaas, stukkende kraalmuur,

Bliksim, maar dis lekker!

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