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In brief Ketelkraal has an online Liquor store that provides you with a huge variety of items. Part of that is our Spirit division. A range of the following is to be expected. Brandy, Gin, Liqueurs, Mampoer, Rum, Shooters, Spirit Aperitif, Vodka and Whiskey.

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Our pride and joy!


Die kraal bar mat

Kraal Brandy! Smooth, delicious and always “nog net enetjie”!

Die Kraal Brandy has quite the story behind it.  Since you deserve the best of the best we have distilled it for you! This brandy is so eloquently made for all you Brandy lovers out there. Not only do we have this amazing bottle of brandy but also specials and combo’s you just will not be able to resist.

All in all we strive for true perfection and quite honestly have achieved this in everyway with our absolutely decadent brandy. This is not the only Kraal product we have produced. We have an out of this world Premium Blunderbuss Dark Rum now too! With it’s very own fascinating story.

We provide a number of  fantastic spirits and beers too.  Check out our Liquor Store online.


As well as our Premium Blunderbuss Dark Rum

Blunderbuss Bar mat

In summary Blunderbuss Rum is genuinely one of a kind. In essence a absolutely deliciously smooth drink. The Blunderbuss Rum has quite the story and history to it. Altogether worth the read and in fact proving the incredible uniqueness of this very special Rum. As seen below!

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Black Label KEG / 30L Keg. BEER DRAUGHT KEG
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Calico Jack Dark Rum 750ml & 12 Pack 300ml CocaCola / Rum Specials!
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Calico Jack Dark Rum 750ml & 12 Pack 300ml CocaCola / Rum Specials!

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Die Kraal Brandewyn Special
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Die Kraal Brandewyn 6 Bottles Special – Free Shipping

brandy special
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DIE KRAAL BRANDEWYN 750ml & 12 x 300ml CocaCola Special!

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