To summarize Hops are a key ingredient in the production of beer. Adding a variety of flavors and aromas, including floral, citrusy, and herbal notes. Helping to balance out the sweetness of the malt and provide a bitter effect to the beer. Hops help to act as a natural preservative, keeping beer fresh for longer.

How to use hops.

Used in brewing for centuries as an essential ingredient for the production of beer. The use imparts flavor, aroma, and bitterness to beer. Generally, added to the boiling wort in the kettle. Boiled for an hour or two, which serves to isomerize hop alpha-acids and impart bitterness to the beer. At the end of the boil, a amount of hops then added to the kettle for a “whirlpool” or “hopback” process. Notably giving the beer added flavor and aroma. Dry hopping, an increasingly popular technique of late. The addition after the boil and during fermentation, which imparts intense hop aroma without adding much bitterness.

Ketelkraal provides a number of magnificent types!

Such as:

  • Perle HPE  – German cultivar with characteristic green, minty notes along with a more noble, earthy/spicy quality.
  • Mandarina Bavaria – extremely limited and in high demand for all kind of beer styles. It is being used in IPA, Saisons, you name it.
  • Sorachi Ace –  mainly used as a bittering , but with their intense lemon flavor and aroma, as well as light dill, tea, and coriander notes, some brewers use them for flavor.

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