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Brewing and Distilling! Not just a hobby but also a passion.

Brewing and Distilling

brewing and distilling

In essence brewing and distilling are two different processes. Involving the fermentation of ingredients to create alcoholic beverages.  Notably brewing refers to the process of making beer. While distilling, used to make spirits such as whiskey, vodka, or rum. Both processes require specific equipment and techniques. However they share some similarities in terms of the basic principles involved.

Brewing and Distilling!

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Brewing involves the fermentation of starches. Derived from grains such as barley, to produce alcohol. Starting with milling the grains to expose the starches. Then converted into fermentable sugars. The mash must be heated, and enzymes are added to break down the starches into sugars. Resulting in liquid, known as wort. Cooled and transferred to a fermentation vessel. Where yeast is added. The yeast consumes the sugars and converts them into alcohol and carbon dioxide. After fermentation, the beer is carbonated and aged before being packaged and consumed.



Distilling, on the other hand, involves the process of separating alcohol from a fermented liquid. The base liquid, known as the wash, typically a mixture of water, sugar or grains, and yeast. The wash will be fermented to produce alcohol.  However, instead of carbonating and packaging the fermented liquid, it is distilled to separate the alcohol from the other components. Distillation involves heating the wash to create steam, then condensed and collected. The resulting liquid, known as distillate, obtains a higher alcohol content than the original wash. The distillate sometimes further refined or aged in barrels to develop flavor and character before being bottled.

Both brewing and distilling require specific equipment. The ingredients used in brewing and distilling will vary depending on the desired product. However both processes rely on the fermentation of sugars to produce alcohol. The final products of brewing and distilling, beer and spirits, offer a wide range of flavors and styles. Making them popular beverages around the world.

We provide you with your distilling equipment and distilling supplies for the perfect home distilleries. Such as instruments, vessels, and other components. For things like to separate alcohol from other components. As well as the equipment used to measure and control the process, such as thermometers, hydrometers, and pumps. We understand what it takes and what you need for your distilling process. Because Ketelkraal never fails to think of everything for your success.

 Equipment and supplies.

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We know you can’t go without it!  Contact us for any information on our distilling equipment.

Distillery Equipment For Sale!

To sum it up here are a few things you can expect.

Stills: We manufacture Kentucky Copper Pot StillReflux Column Still and Custom Hybrid Pot Stills.

Boiler Mash Tuns: Stainless Steel Boiler and Mash Tuns for making top quality spirits.

Components and Spares: providing you with all the other equipment you need.

Consumables: Including but not limiting to items such as Activated Carbon to remove those impurities in distillate we surely do not need.  Bentonite, It’s great for removing protein haze and can be used to remove off aromas. It is a unique clarifier. Alpha Amylase, Convert your starch into sugar. As seen above these are only a few of the many Consumables we provide.

Measuring Equipment: Also just to mention a few of the items here such as the Brix/SG Meter, The Brix meter is a device used to measure the sugar levels in your mash before distilling. Digital Thermometer, The rate and outcome of chemical reactions taking place in water often depends on the acidity of the water, and it is therefore useful to know the acidity of the water, typically measured by means of a pH meter. PH Test Strips, these are a quick and easy way to test your own alcohol level. We offer all the above as soon and so much more because we are passionate about distilling you can rest assured we have what you need.

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