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OJ & Vodka on tap

OJ & Vodka on tap

oj & vodka on tap renting kegs

Here at Ketelkraal we have made renting kegs easier than ever. Such as our one OJ & Vodka on tap! 

This “Kraal Skroewedraaier” is a lovely blend of vodka and orange juice. There is no mystery to it or secret ingredients to worry about. It’s sweet, citrusy, and super refreshing.

Kraal Skroewedraaier OJ & Vodka 30L Keg.

This is nothing less than something special! Because there is nothing quite as good as a Kraal Skroewedraaier OJ & Vodka! We have developed this awesome Kraal Skroewedraaier OJ & Vodka 30L Keg that is just Devine!  Since you deserve the best of the best we have distilled it for you!


We have our Kraal Skroewedraaier OJ & Vodka as well as a large variety of other amazing on tap kegs rentals for you. Check out our Craft Beer Keg rentals and our range of Craft Spirit Keg rentals.  We do also have those classic Commercial Kegs. These are all so absolutely easy to use which we will also be happy to show you how. As well as easy to order! All the above products mentioned are simply the best for all events, parties, weddings pretty much any special occasion you could think of. We at Ketelkraal have got your back! Check out our liquor shop for so much more!

Prepare to have your mind blown!

Kraal Skroewedraaier OJ and Vodka.



Because you simply will not find better!

Renting our craft kegs.

3 Working days lead time to receive order.

Should you want to rent our OJ and Vodka Skroewedraaier Keg:

It is as follows you should order our craft kegs online or  you can contact our sales team directly for a quote. Take note with our keg rentals there is a refundable deposit, you will receive this back on the return of our empty keg.  It must be returned in the same condition you received it in. Cash refundable deposits are preferred but not the only option.

Keep in mind with kegs there are also dispensing systems . We know this that is why we do rentals on them too!

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