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Measuring Equipment & Distilling

Measuring Equipment & Distilling

Measuring Equipment

In brief Measuring equipment is critical to determine the outcome of your mash. Because Ketelkraal obtains all the knowledge and we are here to help.

We supply all the equipment you may need.

You will be able to make the best mash.

As a result, we supply the following:

  • Measuring cylinder.  Ideal for accurate alcohol volume.
  • Brix meter. Measuring the sugar levels before distilling.
  • PH Meter Measuring Equipment. The rate and outcome of chemical reactions taking place in water. Often depends on the acidity of the water. It is useful to know the acidity of the water. Certainly measured by means of a pH meter.

Measuring Equipment & Distilling.

measuring equipment

  • Laser Gun Thermometer. Reading through infrared with high low alarms. Laser-targeting. Ranges from -76 to 1022 degrees F.
  • Chemical scale. Electronic Pocket Scale. The Scale measures in gram, oz , tl and carat.
  • Alcoholmeter. Measuring the %Abv of the alcohol.

And we also give training on Measuring Equipment.

Above all, you will have the best recipes.

You can make the best spirits at home.

And finally, you can contact us for any more info you may need.


making alcohol at home is a fun process that requires skill and if you want to be great at it, but be aware of some important things about temperature and other Measuring Equipment.

Do it right.

Because it requires a lot of heat and it’s important to control that heat. So you distill safely and end up with a high-quality product.

Because several factors go into producing a high-quality distillate – your mash recipe, the mash’s ABV, and you still are a few important ones.

Because every experienced distiller knows that temperature control and correct Measuring Equipment is key to making fine alcohol when it’s all said and done and Measuring Equipment and that and keeping accurate measurements with good quality Equipment and Get all you need from us today at Contact us for more info.

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Measuring Equipment & Distilling!