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molasses treacle 3


Molasses treacle 3

To summarize it for you. This product is the main sugar source in distilling. However mainly for the production of rum. During the distillation process, the sugar from the this is therefore fermented and converted to alcohol. Then distilled away to produce the finished product. Notably there is also more than one type, such as Treacle 3 Molasses.

Ketelkraal Molasses a dark, thick syrup a byproduct of the refining of sugarcane or sugar beets. Made by boiling the juice of sugar cane or sugar beets to evaporate the excess water, leaving behind a sticky syrup. Containing the minerals and vitamins that are left behind during the refining process, making it a nutrient-rich sweetener. Obtaining a strong, earthy flavor. Used to make certain alcoholic beverages and traditional medicines for distilling.


Treacle 3 Molasses

Because Treacle 3 Molasses provides more flavor that’s reason enough to use it. A type typically made from sugarcane. The consistency will be thick and sticky and the flavor sweet and somewhat smoky.  In the end ideal for making your own rum. Come on! You must try it! As proven before time and time again Ketelkraal only provides the best.

Brix – 79.80
Invert sugar – 16.27%
Fermentable sugars – 44.2%
Sucrose – 26.53%

Treacle 3 and best used for in distilling.

1. Adding treacle 3  to distilling alcohol will improve the final flavor of the spirit.

2. The molasses also adds sweetness and depth to the flavor of the spirit and in essence therefore used to enhance the flavor of the alcohol.

3. Molasses also adds complexity and body to the spirit, resulting in a smoother, richer flavor.

4. Molasses thus used to give the spirit a unique flavor profile, as different types of treacle molasses can impart different flavors to the same spirit.

5. Finally, treacle 3  can also be used in distilling alcohol to increase the alcohol content, thus resulting in higher-proof spirits.

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