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Bourbon Essence

Bourbon Essence

To summarize, Bourbon essence, a concentrated flavoring that’s added to neutral spirits like vodka to create a bourbon-like taste. It typically contains a blend of natural and artificial flavors that mimic the complex and rich flavor profile of bourbon whiskey. This essence,  commonly used by home distillers to make their own bourbon-style spirits or for flavoring cocktails. It’s important to use high-quality essence for the best results, as the flavor can vary depending on the brand and ingredients used.

We have such Bourbon Essence as the following:


James Dean Bourbon Essence

James Dean comes in 50ml or 500ml  give you enhanced flavor and aroma.  Anything you distil will taste great!


Prepared from essential oils, such as almond and lemon, from vanilla, from fresh fruits by expression, from ginger by extraction, from mixtures of essential oils just for you.  Because you buy top quality products from us you will have a chance to create a signature drink that will have chins wagging far and wide!

Blue Grass Kentucky Bourbon Essence

Bourbon Essence Blue Grass Kentucky

Ketelkraal Essences & Flavorants come in 50ml or 500ml volumes giving you enhanced flavor and aroma since we know that’s what you want. Anything you distill will taste great! Do not forget our fantastic botanicals.

We provide these and so, so much more. Check out our range!

Along with essence giving flavor to your distilling, it has been noted that botanicals are another essential to outstanding flavor. Because Botanicals for Gin/Rum/Liqueurs can be hard to find from time to time. Make sure that when you buy, The product is fresh and dry.

Because at Ketelkraal we think of everything, keeping you in mind.

We strive for only the best! Therefore providing only the best!

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Bourbon Essence! Flavor for your distilling!