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Molasses Treacle 3

Molasses Treacle 3

treacle 3 molasses

Because Treacle 3 Molasses has more flavor that is reason enough to use it. Typically made from sugarcane. The consistency will be thick and sticky and the flavor is sweet and somewhat smoky.  In the end it is ideal for making your own rum. Come on! You must try it! As proven before time and time again Ketelkraal only provides the best. Treacle 3 is the best molasses for rum and the best molasses for distilling!

Brix – 79.80
Invert sugar – 16.27%
Fermentable sugars – 44.2%
Sucrose – 26.53%


Molasses treacle 3 for distilling! What it is best used for in distilling.

1. Firstly, adding treacle 3 to distilling alcohol can improve the final flavor of the spirit.

2. Secondly, Also adds sweetness and depth to the flavor of the spirit and can be used to enhance the flavor of the alcohol.

3. Thirdly, can also add complexity and body to the spirit, resulting in a smoother, richer flavor.

4. Molasses can also be used to give the spirit a unique flavor profile, as different types of treacle molasses can impart different flavors to the same spirit.

5. Finally, treacle 3 can also be used in distilling alcohol to increase the alcohol content, thus resulting in higher-proof spirits.

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