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French Oak Chips

To summarize Oak chips are used for fermentation in distilling, imparting a flavor and aroma to spirits that are desired by some producers. The oak chips are placed in the still during the fermentation process. Helping to bring out the character of the spirits. Also used during aging, as they also impart light tannins to the spirit product.

Oak Chips make your craft spirits taste out of this world!  Infuse spirits, brandywhiskey, rum and wine. Thus giving you the flavor and color you will love.

The stronger the alcohol taste, the smaller the amount of chips. Alternatively the more you put in, the quicker the aroma and color is extracted.


Only comes in Light Roast at Retail Outlet.  Roast your own Medium or Dark.  To get best results oven roast or flame roast until you have exactly what you want.

How long should it be soaked for your best results?

Because it’s so simple but can vary slightly depending on the type of chip. Ketelkraal only sells the best!  Soaking 10g to 50g for every liter of spirit for between 1-3 weeks  – since you know what taste you like. The longer you leave it the more flavor and woodiness it will impart.

OAK CHIPS For Fermentation

Oak Chips flavor

Because you take your drinks seriously.  As a result, we offer you the chance to make your own signature drink perfect.

Fermentation and Oak Chips

Fermentation the process of converting sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide through the action of yeast. To be noted fermentation can occur using natural occurring yeast, as with traditional winemaking, or with specially cultivated yeasts. In short oak chips are small pieces of oak wood that are used to add flavors and aromas to beer and wine during the fermentation process. Usually added to the fermentation vessel and provide the flavor and aroma of the wood typified in aged wines and whiskies.

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