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Brewing Liquor

Brewing Liquor

brewing liquor equipment

In brief Brewing liquor, also known as distilling. Subsequently the process of creating liquor by heating fermented grains and then condensing the vapor produced by the heating with equipment. Notably this process results in a concentrated liquid that contains the desired flavor, alcohol, and aroma of the fermented grains. Different grains are used to produce different types of liquor, such as whiskey, gin, vodka, and rum. Producing a certain type of liquor, means specific ingredients and processes must be followed. Because the process of distilling liquor also requires careful monitoring and adjustment to ensure the outcome you want.

With Ketelkraal no doubt that you are in good hands.

Typical and common essentials you will need for brewing liquor.

Such as the following:

Brewing Equipment.

brewing boiler stills equipment

In short Brewing equipment typically refers to the machinery and tools used in the process of making beer. Including items such as fermentation tanks, mash tuns, boil kettles, and conditioning tanks. Other important pieces of equipment used in the brewing process include kegs, brew kettles, wort chillers, pumps, carbonation systems, and kegging systems.

Distillers Yeasts


Distillers Yeasts developed for you! Over all we stock different types of yeasts for spirits and beer. Our yeast caters to the distillers and the brewers market. In fact we sell only the best yeast available, and you will love it too because it works so well. In the end we understand the high importance of a top quality yeasts for your distilling and brewing. Because we are passionate about distilling and brewing only the best. All things considered you can not go wrong with Ketelkraal.


Simpsons Chocolate Malt

Because we offer the best Malted Barley and Grain! Home Distilling/Brewing Craftsman rest assured that you are buying quality barley and grain products.  Subsequently, we put your brewing and distilling quality first and foremost.

Hence you, the adventurous Home Distiller/Brewer we know you are, really must try grain. Brewing and distilling to the NEXT LEVEL.  Dried germinated barley what’s known as malt.  The result, you getting even more out of the seed’s resources this way, simply a win-win situation.

Beer Brewer’s out there ideally want Malt-driven flavors to dominate the flavor profiles of beer and it’s brewing.  You will expect a degree of sweetness and deep malty notes.  Overall notes could include nuts, toffee, caramel, toast and fruit. Your beers will range from copper to dark brown in color and from light to full bodied with a low to high ABV.

For you Moonshiner’s, majority of whiskeys are built on malted barley as  the norm. Malted barley produces from nutty and smoky to chocolate or cocoa flavors and a flavor described as cereal or toast resulting in a delicious taste for you to enjoy.

Distilling equipment

24L Kentucky Copper Pot Still distilling

To sum it up here are a few things you can expect in this category.

Stills: We manufacture Kentucky Copper Pot StillReflux Column Still and Custom Hybrid Pot Stills.

Boiler Mash Tuns: Stainless Steel Boiler and Mash Tuns for making top quality spirits.

Components and Spares: providing you with all the other equipment you need.

Consumables: Including but not limiting to items such as Activated Carbon to remove those impurities in distillate we surely do not need.  Bentonite, Great for removing protein haze and can be used to remove off aromas. A unique clarifier. Alpha Amylase, Convert your starch into sugar. As seen above these are only a few of the many Consumables we provide.

Measuring Equipment: Also just to mention a few of the items here such as the Brix/SG Meter, The Brix meter is a device used to measure the sugar levels in your mash before distilling. Digital Thermometer, The rate and outcome of chemical reactions taking place in water often depends on the acidity of the water, and therefore useful to know the acidity of the water, typically measured by means of a pH meter. PH Test Strips, these are a quick and easy way to test your own alcohol level.

We offer all the above! And so much more because we are passionate about distilling. Rest assured we provide what you need.

As seen above we clearly know what we are talking about and know what we are doing. You are in great hands! We obtain the knowledge and will share it with you. Because we can!

All in all we provide the best for our fellow distillers. For more information do not hesitate to contact us now!

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