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Fennel Seeds Botanical

Fennel Seeds Botanical

Fennel seeds botanical

These seeds are not typically used for distilling, as they are not considered to be a traditional botanical. However, some distillers have experimented with fennel seeds in the past, to create unique and interesting flavors.

How to use fennel seeds botanical when distilling.

When distilling, fennel seeds can be used to bring out different flavor notes and aromas in the spirit. To use, simply add the fennel seeds directly into the still when you’re distilling. Use a ratio of about 1/4 teaspoon of seeds per liter of distillate. Remember to always strain your distillate after distillation to ensure that you remove any seeds that may have made it through the distilling process.

Fennel seeds botanical!

Ultimately Ketelkraal provides this fantastic botanical, but a huge variety of other botanicals. Our biggest seller botanical wise! The Gin Botanical infusion kit! With this bad boy you just can’t not go wrong! Seeds, flowers and so much more!


Ketelkraal is here to save the day. Giving our combinations to you. Noted that not only the botanicals that you choose make a signature distillate, also the way they react to each other.  Significantly this will impact your end product. Create your own by experimenting with simple combinations and work a more complex blend with gaining experience.

Fennel seeds.


In short the Botanicals used in this kit are used for gin recipes all over the world.  Furthermore, requiring a botanical not part of this kit, get in touch! If we do not stock it, we can source it.

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Fennel seeds!