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Beer On Tap

Beer On Tap Draft beer keg dispenser

Beer On Tap with Ketelkraal!

To summarize bars and pubs offer beer on tap like us at Ketelkraal. Beer on tap will be served directly out of a keg or barrel. Instead of from a bottle or can. The process of obtaining beer on tap is called draft beer. Draft beer often served from a tap attached to a keg or barrel. The beer passes through the tap, connected to a line that runs from the keg or barrel to the tap. Beer on tap offers a number of advantages. Beer on tap, known to be often fresher than bottle or canned beer. Because it’s not exposed to spoilage caused by oxygen or light. Additionally, beer on tap notably often less expensive than packaged beer due to the lack of packaging materials. Finally, beer on tap definitely more accessible, it does not need to be purchased and opened at the place of consumption.

Draft Beer Keg Rentals

Because at Ketelkraal we think of everything!

Get the best On Tap Keg Rentals from Ketelkraal today – no matter what your event – it will be a memorable one!

Ketelkraal Craft Beer Kegs.

Because our Craft Beer Kegs Rentals are really one of a kind and frankly out of this world tasty! We have an incredible range of Ketelkraal Craft Beer Kegs. As well as rentals on Craft Spirit Kegs and also Dispensing Systems. Our Craft Beer Kegs is undoubtedly the best to have around for your special occasions. Such as birthday parties and events, weddings, functions and all the others you could think of. Easy to order, easy to use which we will also show you how to do too. It is to be noted our craft kegs are also incredibly affordable. We want you our clients have top quality craft beer to make those special occasions memorable.

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Commercial Kegs:

We too provide a large range of the commercial beers. Because we know how us South African’s love their commercial beers.

Renting our beer kegs.

It goes as follows you should order our beer kegs online or you can contact our sales team directly for a quote. Take note with our keg rentals there is a refundable deposit, you will receive this back on the return of our empty keg. It must be returned in the same condition you received it in. Cash refundable deposits are preferred but not the only option.

Keep in mind with kegs there are also dispensing systems . We know this that’s why we do rentals on them too!

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