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Yeasts and Nutrients

Brewers Yeasts and Nutrients

CBC-1 CONDITIONING YEAST. brewers yeasts and nutrients.

To summarize brewers yeasts and nutrients are important components in home brewing and commercial brewing. Yeasts convert the natural sugars found in malts and grains into alcohol. As well as carbon dioxide. The combination of yeast, nutrients, and water creates the ideal environment for fermentation. Thus the process responsible for creating beer. The selection of the right yeast strain and amount of nutrients are important for the production. For the desired beer style. Brewers yeasts/nutrients are available in both liquid and dry form. Therefore brewers should select the one that best suits their needs.

So never fear because Ketelkraal has got you covered!

Here are some of the product we keep:

  • CBC-1 CASK & BOTTLE CONDITIONING YEAST: Selected from the Lallemand Yeast Collection for its refermenting properties. For Cask and Bottle Conditioning. CBC-1 referments beer. Due to its high resistance to alcohol and pressure. The flavor conserving the original character of the beer.
  • Fermaid K+ – Yeast Nutrient: a complete blend to provide yeast with the correct nutrient balance for growth in beverage alcohol fermentations. Obtaining a blend of diammonium phosphate, organic nitrogen. Also key vitamins and minerals including thiamine, niacin, folic acid, magnesium sulfate and calcium pantothenate.
  • Fermentis SAF-ale S-33: a dry ale yeast that’s known for its ability to produce a wide range of beer styles. A neutral-flavored yeast. It will leave some sweetness in the beer.

Fermaid K / yeast

These are only but a few to mention. Take a look at our range! You will not be disappointed.

We also have a range of distillers yeasts!

Distillers Yeasts

Distillers Yeasts developed for you! Over all we stock different types of yeasts for spirits and beer. Our yeast caters to the distillers and the brewers market. In fact we sell only the best yeast available, and you will love it too because it works so well. In the end we understand the high importance of a top quality yeasts for your distilling and brewing. Because we are passionate about distilling and brewing only the best. All things considered you can not go wrong with Ketelkraal.

In short because here we know what we are doing!

It should be noted our yeasts are proven to show excellent tolerance to high fermentation temperatures because they are so well developed.

To summarize we also developed and stock an excellent Blue Hybrid Yeast All Rounder (AR) that shows outstanding results.  The range is incredible. This will most definitely impress you without a doubt. As well as our Turbo Yeast.

Turbo Yeast

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